ÖTILLÖ -The Swimrun World Championship

ÖTILLÖ -The Swimrun World Championship 3rd of SeptemberÖTILLÖ is the original Swimrun race, it is the Swimrun World Championship. To finish the ÖTILLÖ course from dawn to dusk, the competitors must be very fit and they must be very fast in and out of the water as there are 52 transitions.The Seglarhotel in Sandhamn and Utö Värdshus on Utö guarantee a high quality pre-race scene and a very good finishing environment. There are spectator spots and food stations at some well- known restaurants on the islands along the way. There are safety boats, medical staff and race marshalls on the course to try to guarantee everyones safety.To gain entry to ÖTILLÖ you must either qualify in an ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series race, have great merits, participate in ;7 races in 24 months ;or just be lucky. Course details:Total race distance ;74,7 kmTrail-running ;65,2 kmSwimming ;9,5 kmSwim sections ;22Longest swim ;1 750 mLongest run ;19,7 kmÖTILLÖ Sprint Final 15K 1st of SeptemberÖTILLÖ The Swimrun World Championship is very difficult to get into and you need to be a very good team to manage the whole course. At the same time many people want to experience the ÖTILLÖ course; which in itself is impossible as it is too complex for us to do anything but the race once a year and at full race pace.The ÖTILLÖ Sprint Final 15K covers most of the last and very emotional part of the grueling World Championship course. A total distance of 15 km, with 10 runs and 9 swims. The longest swim will be 1 150 metres. Some swims can have a lot of current. The runs are beautiful and tough; some on soft trail, some on cliffs, some on old country roads and some with a lot of people.Course details:Total race distance 14 590 mTrail-running 11 950 mSwimming 2 640 mSwim sections 9Longest swim 1 150 mLongest run 5 050 m ;